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Advance Training in PLC / SCADA

We ensure training is imparted by specialists from MNC who have spent over a decade in their area of specialization and experienced in Plant Commissioning with Qatar Gas, Saudi Aramco refineries and leading chemical companies.

PLC's we have

We cover all the major PLC's like Siemens, Allen Bradley , Delta , Schneider and Emerson (GE Fanuc) 


 Coding Languages

 We practice Ladder Logic, Functional Block Diagram , Structured text and sequential flow charts during the course of the study

 Panel Design

 Course covers hardware design, bill of material preparation , cable crimping and power & heat calculations


 Being instrument devices layer-0 needs to be understand in depth to troubleshoot and configure PLC logics. We cover P&ID reading and Instrument basics part of the course.

 Real Time Projects

 We practice with real time projects to understand volume of programming and to have industrial vision


•Automation Concepts  

•PLC Overview

•Hardware Setup

•Coding Languages

•Ladder Diagram vs Functional Block Diagram


•Communication  Protocols

•PLC System Diagnostics

•Quick /Mimic Panels 

•Plant/Site Overview


•Automation Terminologies

•P&ID explanation

•Bill of Material Preparation

•Panel designing

•Instrumentation overview

•Interview Assistance

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