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Cybersecurity Fundamentals

This course is designed to focus and get expertise in Cybersecurity fundamentals targeting  fresher as well as experienced professionals. Unlike other courses , this course has many topics , starting from CIA triad  , defense in depth concepts , Basics of CCNA , ISA standards and guidance to all major certifications.


During course of study you will get exposure on standards like International Society of Automation (ISA) , National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework .


We focus on various countermeasures to safeguard assets from cybersecurity attacks.


Guide you to get certified on various cybersecurity courses based on your goal.


  • Cybersecurity Scope Definition

  • ISA standards

  • Basics of Networking Devices ( Switch / Firewall)

  • Introduction to CCNA 

  • Virtual Machine configurations

  • Defense in depth approach

  • Computer / Device Hardening

  • Anti virus

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Backup Methodologies

  • SIEM ( Security Information and Event Management) Log Solutions

  • RADIUS configurations

  • Patch Management

  • Application White Listing

  • Guidance to Cybersecurity certifications

  • Interview Assistance

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