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Python & Data Science

This course provides learners with an opportunity to learn & grow in the world of analytics.
Through our program our learner get access to 

  • Unrestricted program access

  • Personal mentor support

  • Industry oriented coding practice 

  • Job Assistance


  • Desktop or Laptop with configuration (Minimum 500 GB hard disk and 4 GB Ram)

  • ANACONDA, R-Studio, Tableau, PowerBI & SQL

Learning Objectives

  • To acquire programming skills in core Python.

  • To understand different between SQL and NOSQL database.

  • To completely understand data science methodologies and application.

  • To manipulate data using various python module.

  • To learn tools such as Power BI, Tableau.

Why data science?

  • Learning about data science provides an opportunity for you to recreate yourself.

  • We live in a digital world, everything is data-driven.

  • Data science is also a very promising field with lots of high paying job opportunities.

  • Basic data science skills are important for personal use.You can use your knowledge in data science for generating side income.


  • Introduction to Python

  • Software Installation

  • Looping Concept, variable declaration, Data types

  • Function creation & Basic operator

  • Python libraries

  • File I/O Handling

•Exception Handling, Mail option, Sub process Module

•GUI Development and OpenCV


•Introduction to data science

•Statistics concepts

•Introduction to R

  • Database configurations


  • Advanced Excel & Excel analytics

  • POWER BI usage

  • Live project demonstration using course module

  • Interview Assistance

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